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Lowcosting Locksmiths
Average rating:  
 357 reviews
by Anonymous on Lowcosting Locksmiths
Used this company before

I have used this company on a few separate occasions now as me and my husband rent out our guest house and have had a couple problems with tenants but we also like to get the locks changed often to prevent any trouble. This time around it was our house that needed the work, we booked a week in advance to get the majority of our locks upgraded due to being so old they were hardly working anymore. The engineer who came out we hadn't met before but the standard of service was just as great, he was really amazing and helped explain the difference between the locks and tided any mess. Thank you, I'm sure I will be seeing you guys soon.

Hello Mr & Mrs Morrison, thank you for using Low costing locksmiths. I am very happy to hear that the service was to the standard to expected.

by Isobella Whitmore on Lowcosting Locksmiths
Letterbox jammed

Had a locksmith out early this morning to fix my postbox as the lock had been playing up for a while and getting jammed often. The service was great and the locksmith was really lovely. Isobella

Hi Isobella, glad our locksmith was able to help 🙂

by Gabriela Irvine on Lowcosting Locksmiths

What a hero! The locksmith arrived 5 minutes before my slot and explained every single step to me, he explained which lock would be the best for the best price and also cut extra keys whilst he was there. I will be highly recommending this company to any friends and family.

Hello Gabriela, I will pass on your lovely feedback to our engineer. 🙂

by E Meza on Lowcosting Locksmiths
Very pleased

Had one of your lovely chaps out today and was very pleased with the price and workmanship.

Hi, happy to hear you were pleased with our engineer!

by Hyacinth on Lowcosting Locksmiths
Locked out of flat

was looking for a locksmith the other day b/c we were locked out of the flat. Just wanted to share my experience with the one I found.
My niece is staying at my flat and I wasn’t there. The front door to the flat was jammed, ie, the handle wouldn’t move in the down position. The key would turn and she could hear that, but the handle wouldn’t budge. Concierge was called to help, but he also couldn’t make it work.

I called “Lowcosting Locksmiths” who I found on the internet 0207 205 4770. Antonio responded to the call. He couldn’t get the handle to budge either and since he could hear the key turn in the lock but the handle wouldn’t move, he evaluated the situation and explained to my niece what would be required to get the door open. She called me and I spoke with Antonio directly. It seems the mechanism inside the door had failed. What had to happen was a series of holes would be drilled and he’d have to drill out the mechanism inside the door. In doing so, this would now require new mechanism & new handles. Had he been on the inside, he’d be able to take the handles off by unscrewing and avoid drilling any holes at all.
He told me this was going to be quite expensive, b/c he doesn’t know which mechanism is on the inside and could be several hundred pounds to replace. Not including the handles or the labour.

We had no choice, it had to be done. Antonio managed to get a lever of some sort and force the handle down and got the door open. So now the door is open he can simply unscrew the door handle from the inside and remove everything. By doing this, he’s saved me money and a lot of work on his part. Once inside, he is able to take the mechanism out and see if it’s repairable. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It would work for several times, but then would jam again. The decision now is whether or not to replace the part, which is gonna be a huge expense. I decided it has to be done
By now it’s close to 5pm and Antonio wouldn’t be able to get the part that day. As I understand, the place is outside of London. So he would come back the next am with a new mechanism. In the meantime, he fixed the door temporarily, so that my niece could lock the door that night.
The next morning, Antonio returned with a new part and replaced it within a few mins.

While this was an expensive endeavour, I am truly grateful for Antonio, who was perfectly ok with my niece videotaping the whole thing so I could see what was going on.

If you’re in need of an honest and straightforward locksmith, Antonio is your guy!

- Hyacinth

Hi Hyacinth, thank you for taking the time to leave your review with Low Costing Locksmiths. I am very pleased that you were so happy with our engineer and the services you received.

by Mrs. Davila on Lowcosting Locksmiths
Garage locks

My husband booked in for us to have our garage locks changed last Friday, we got a really good price and was chuffed with the work that was carried out, thank you.

Hi Mrs. Davila, thank you for your review and glad we were able to help.

by Zak Rayner on Lowcosting Locksmiths

A friend had used this company just last week so passed on the number. Glad that he did as the bloke who came carried out a outstanding job.

Hello Zak, thank you for your review 🙂

by Rhiannon Sanders on Lowcosting Locksmiths

Got home late last night from my Christmas due and couldn't get into my apartment. I had low costing locksmiths number already as I had used them recently for work, they had an engineer already out which was online 20 minutes from me. PERFECT! thank you!

Hi Rhiannon, pleased we were able to help you and in such great time! thank you for leaving a review

by Hashir Porter on Lowcosting Locksmiths
3 locks installed

Had 3 locks installed last night on my bedrooms today, ÂŁ130.00 made me very happy thank you would be 5+ stars but left a bit of sawdust

Thanks Hashir - Sorry about the sawdust sometimes the guys are rushing around from job to job but we do apologie! 🙂

by Mrs.Spiby on Lowcosting Locksmiths

Broke the lock on my conservatory door late last night and luckily was able to get hold of this company and they were with me in 35 mins. Very grateful for how quick they were able to get to me as I didn't feel comfortable going to bed without being able to lock the doors.

Thank you for your review Mrs.Spiby. Apologies to hear that the locksmith was running late! - Brodie

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